Exterior Solar Screens

Exterior Shades Protects from UV RaysWhen an awning does quite fit the bill as a shading solution, not to worry we have another solution that just may be what you need. Exterior Solar Screens. These screens are mounted on the exterior of your building to provide and extra layer of security to protect from fading furnishings, sun glare and still reduce the interior temperature.

Exterior Solar Screen System

Exterior Solar Screen Shade reduces sun glare

Exterior Solar Screen Reduces Harmful UV Rays

Solar Protection for Balconies

Exterior Solar Screens with cassette on balconies

These screens can compliment your home or business and can be made so that the fabric when retracted is protected by a cassette that will also give your outside a clean finished look.

  • Designed to filter out between 72% and 99% of harmful UV rays, or block them completely depending on your choice of translucent or blackout fabric
  • Available in four standard frame colors
  • Components are stainless steel and aluminum
  • Gives control over your home or business lighting and privacy.

 Wind Resistant Solar ScreenExterior Screen with track

The strongest Exterior Solar Screen system in the industry, this innovative new self locking zipper track locks the fabric into the side rails.

Creates a barrier for Sun, Weather and Insects!

  • Ideal protection for screen room enclosures
  • Fabric runs smoothly inside the side rail guide channel and locks into place
  • Can Reduce outside noise
  • Available with clear vinyl windows
  • 4″, 5″, and 6″ cassette hoods available to protect your fabric from the elements. Non-cassette screens also available.

How Solar Screens Provide UV protection